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Performance Review

2017 Performance Reviews

WVU Employee Relations is in the process of modernizing and streamlining the performance review process for classified, non-classified and some FE/AP employees.  For the annual reviews of the 2017 cycle, WVU will be launching a new electronic tool and submission process.  As part of this process, all supervisors of WVU classified, non-classified or FE/AP staff will be required to attend Performance Management Training which will begin in mid-June and run through the month of July.

The tentative timeline for the performance review process is as follows:

Mid-July – Employees will be asked to complete the pre-review/self-assessment document.

End of July through August – Supervisors will prepare the draft performance reviews for their employees.  These draft reviews will be automatically routed to the next level supervisor for review and edit. 

September – Aggregate data will be reviewed by the VP’s, Deans, and Human Resources.

October – Performance reviews will be approved and authorized for distribution to the employees.

For those areas that have employees that do not work in the summer that you are concerned about receiving the employee pre-review in time, please feel free to use the current paper form for that part of the process only.

ALL annual reviews will be required to be submitted through the new electronic process once that tool has been launched.

Additional information regarding training and access to the tools will be made available in the near future.

Additional information regarding the review forms and process will be highlighted in training sessions offered to both supervisors and employees.

The forms offered through the Employee Relations website may also be used for Faculty Equivalent/Academic Professionals (FE/AP), particularly those not attached to academic units.

All other classified, non-classified and possibly Faculty Equivalent/Academic Professionals (FE/AP) employees should use the new electronic system.

Supplemental Resources and Forms

  • Performance Review Guidelines - Descriptors – provides a one page process guideline, and provides the descriptors of each performance element upon which employees are rated
  • Performance Review Meeting Guidelines – A concise, simplified visual of how a review meeting should flow
  • Performance Review Best Practices – A one-page resource for leaders to help prepare for and deliver recommended best practices performance appraisals
  • SMART Goal Setting – A resource to help establish goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, and Time-based
  • Performance Improvement Plan – utilized to set a formal plan in place to address performance and development needs; should be utilized with the assistance of Employee Relations
  • Extended Development Plan – utilized with the collaboration of the employee to identify a plan of development to bring the employee’s knowledge, skills and/or abilities to the next level or for career path planning

The performance review process gives supervisors an effective tool to provide formal feedback to their employees in addition to the ongoing feedback that occurs throughout the year. We expect that all classified and non-classified employees receive a performance review on an annual basis.