Performance Review

2016 Performance Reviews

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WVU Employee Relations is happy to announce that changes have been made to the Performance Review forms and processes in order to provide a better supervisor and employee experience. The highlights of the changes include:

  • Simplification of the forms – now a 3 page document
  • Addition of “Priority Element” designation
  • Modular options – use the supplemental forms that best meet your needs
  • New submission process – you can now submit the signed documents to a newly created e-mail account,, eliminating the need to send a hard copy to Employee Relations
  • Extended completion period for the 2016 review process
  • Alignment of supervisor performance elements with President Gee’s expectations of WVU leaders

Reviews for this year must be submitted to Employee Relations no later than October 31, 2016. Please check with your organizational leaders (V.P.’s, Deans, Directors), to determine if there are any earlier deadlines established for your organization. This extended deadline is being given only for the 2016 performance review cycle due to the changes that we have made this year and in order to ensure that supervisors have enough time to receive the appropriate training on this important conversation and tool.

Additional information regarding the review forms and process can be found below and will be highlighted in training sessions offered to both supervisors and employees.

To begin the process, please choose the appropriate Employee Review form from the list below. Select the type of employee being reviewed. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Windows 11.0.03 in order to properly fill out the appraisal forms. If you will be using a Macintosh computer, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Macintosh 11.0

Mozilla Firefox has recently changed how PDF documents are viewed. They are not using Adobe Acrobat plugin. You should see a button at the top right of your window to “Open with different viewer”. Click on that button to get the option to download the PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

The forms offered through the Employee Relations website may also be used for Faculty Equivalent/Academic Professionals, particularly those not attached to academic units.

Performance Review Forms

Because of the modular nature of the performance review documents, supervisors will be able to choose from the following documents in order to prepare a comprehensive, position appropriate, review for their employees:

REMINDER – As mandated by WV State Law and Rules, a performance review must be completed on all newly hired classified staff after 3 months and 6 months of on the job employment.

Supplemental Resources and Forms

  • Pre-Review form – utilized to obtain employee feedback prior to the annual performance review being conducted
  • Performance Review Guidelines - Descriptors – provides a one page process guideline, and provides the descriptors of each performance element upon which employees are rated
  • Performance Review Meeting Guidelines – A concise, simplified visual of how a review meeting should flow
  • Performance Review Best Practices – A one-page resource for leaders to help prepare for and deliver recommended best practices performance appraisals
  • Review of goals previously established – to reflect on progress made and results achieved on goals established in the prior review period
  • Setting new goals – can be utilized at any time throughout the year to establish new goals and objectives
  • SMART Goal Setting – A resource to help establish goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, and Time-based
  • Performance Improvement Plan – utilized to set a formal plan in place to address performance and development needs; should be utilized with the assistance of Employee Relations
  • Extended Development Plan – utilized with the collaboration of the employee to identify a plan of development to bring the employee’s knowledge, skills and/or abilities to the next level or for career path planning

The performance review process gives supervisors an effective tool to provide formal feedback to their employees in addition to the ongoing feedback that occurs throughout the year. We expect that all classified and non-classified employees receive a performance review on an annual basis.

To register for supervisory and employee training go to If you experience problems registering for any of the upcoming classes, please contact Leadership and Organization Development (Training and Development) at or at 304-293-7217.