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Tenth Annual Employee Remembrance Ceremony

On September 27, 2017, West Virginia University employees will have a chance to remember and pay tribute to their colleagues who died this past year. The ceremony, which will begin promptly at 12:00 noon, will be held at the Grand Hall of the Erickson Alumni Center located on One Alumni Drive. The ceremony itself is very brief (10-15 min.) with light refreshments (cookies, punch, coffee) following the ceremony.

Family members of the deceased as well as colleagues and friends are invited to attend the remembrance ceremony.

At this time, we are preparing to recognize the following employees:

                                           Henry "Sonny" Arnold, Jr.
                                                   Isaac C. Aurelio
                                                Robert Eugene Blake
                                              Jay Mason Bucklew, III
                                                  Kathy Lynn Camp
                                                Franklin D. Cleckley
                                                Robert Phillips Cook
                                                   John Albert Core
                                            George Bryan Denis, Sr.
                                        Shirley Rae Campbell Eagan
                                            Nicholas G. "Nick" Ehle
                                           Clyde "Jody" Fazenbaker
                                                 Jerald J. Fletcher
                                                     Mary Gansor
                                                Bernard L. Gillespie
                                              Barbara Lee Hardman
                                                 Shirley A. Hawkins
                                                Michael Lee Hines
                                          Charles "Charlie" V. Jenkins
                                                  James D. Martin
                                               Gary Allen Matthews
                                          Frederic David McCormick
                                                 Gaynelle McKinney
                                              Junior Dixon McMillen
                                                   Robert K. Moats
                                                     Wayne Muth
                                                   Anne H. Nardi
                                                    Joginder Nath
                                           G. Robert "Bob" Nugent
                                                 Patricia Obenauf
                                              James E. Overberger
                                               G. Michael Palmer
                                         Edward "Ed" Charles Pytlik
                                                 Robert E. Sausen
                                               Richard A. Schreiber
                                             Linda Kay Moore Smith
                                              Carolyn Sue Tennant
                                                Bruno John Tress
                                             Rebecca Lynn Williams
                                                    Elijah A. Wise
                                               David Scott Woods