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Conflict Resolution Resources/Options

Conflict is an inevitable and healthy component of relationships and environments. Conflict may arise from factors internal or external to the workplace. Fostering an atmosphere where conflict can be successfully addressed and managed is key to a productive workplace. There are a number of services and processes available to those at WVU to help with proactive conflict management. One such resource is the Conflict Resolution brochure. This brochure was designed to assist WVU employees in dealing with conflict in positive ways. The Employee Relations staff is available for assistance on this issue.

The mediation program is available to help resolve conflict in the workplace. This is a confidential service designed to help individuals work through conflict or interpersonal issues in the workplace. The process is conducted by a trained facilitator who seeks to have the parties involved find a mutually agreeable resolution to the issues at hand. This program is administered as a service of the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

The Faculty/Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is also available to assist employees who may need counseling for issues which may affect workplace performance. The FSAP is a confidential problem-solving resource for faculty and staff and their families. This program provides professional staff and offers a safe place to sort through problems and determine the best resources available. FSAP services are free.